Backbase Engage

Event, Branding, Promotion, production


I had the chance to be involved in the planning of Backbase ENGAGE for five consecutive years, an annual event geared towards assisting financial institutions in adapting to market shifts by prioritizing customer-centric strategies. A significant aspect of my role revolved around collaborating with fellow designers to craft the event’s branding. Through brainstorming sessions and workshops, we devised innovative concepts to give our brand a unique identity that would resonate with our intended audience. This endeavor presented an invigorating challenge, culminating in the creation of a unified visual theme for the conference.

Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in coordinating the presentation displays, ensuring they adhered to design principles and maintained brand coherence. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, I provided insights and expertise to ensure visually compelling presentations. Additionally, I collaborated with a printing company to oversee the production of stage setups, panels, and floor plans, aiming to construct an immersive and interactive environment conducive to learning and networking. Finally, I actively participated in promoting the event across social media platforms and our website, leveraging teasers and behind-the-scenes content to foster anticipation among attendees. This comprehensive involvement provided invaluable insights into event planning and execution, and I take pride in contributing to the event’s success, witnessing the fruition of our collective efforts.